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Open Joint-Stock Company "Redkinsky Experemental Plant" (JSC "ROS")

Redkinsky experemental plant for several decades was the manufacturer of unique chemical products for the aviation and space industry. The plant cooperated with leading scientists from over 50 research institutes of the country and 1960-1980 was the largest pilot enterprise of the Ministry of Chemical Industry and its Main Directorate of Heavy Organic Synthesis.

In collaboration with the scientific teams of leading institutes of the country, experimental work was carried out, industrial samples of new materials were created, the production of low-tonnage lots of various products was developed, including those for the aerospace complex.

Together with the specialists of VIAM, the technology was developed and the following industries were established: The
  • production of silicon carbide whiskers used as reinforcing filler in composite materials
  • production of polycrystalline alumina fibers used for the manufacture of thermal insulation and composite materials
  • the production of filamentary zinc oxide crystals used in the manufacture of thermoregulatory coatings and special coatings. enamels (in aircraft and rocket construction)
  • boron nitride powder of "AVIO" grade, intended for spraying on metal surfaces and developed especially for the aviation industry